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Kapwa - togetherness, seeing oneself in the other

Kapwa - togetherness, seeing oneself in the other

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KAPWA - togetherness, seeing oneself in the other in Baybayin
Designs are one of kind. Ask us about custom designs!

The creation of solar sun-burned pendants / amulets / earrings / so(u)lar agimats: Upcycled bamboo wooden beads are solar burned using the energy of the Sun. Designs are a variety of custom made invocations, affirmations, prayers, power, and soular love vibrations in the form of ancient pre-filipino script called baybayin (tagalog), kulitan (kapampagan), and basahan (bikolano).

Each piece is unique, burned and activated with the highest vibrations and best intentions. They are then beaded with a variation of indigenous T’boli seed beads called busok, wood, stones, brass or antique brass beads. These soular agimats are a Kollective Binhi collaboration of members Diyan BukoBomba & Marybelle MB.

Here are some words we have already solar burned/activated and ready to be customized for you. If you are interested in a word or phrase not listed, we can make it for you by request.

BAYBAYIN - ancient prefilipino script
Astig - badass, cool
Bahala na - leave it to Creator
Binhi - seed
Bukas puso - open heart
Diwang malaya - free spirit
Diwata - goddess
Ganda - beauty
Kapwa - myself in the other
Kagandahan sa loob - inner beauty
Kalikasan ipaglaban - fight for Mother Earth
Lakas - strength
Lakas loob - inner strength
Likha - create, creation
Mabuhay Ka - may you live
Makibaka wag matakot
Mandirigma - warrior
Masakit na masarap - painfully delicious
Matalino - smart
Musika - music
Musikero - musician
Pagibig - love
Pakiramdam - feeling, intuition
Tagumpay o matay - victory or death (Heneral Luna inspired)
Tamis anghang - sweet spicy
Tubo - grow

KULITAN - ancient Kapampangan script
Biní - seed
Bulan - moon
Kaluguran - beloved
Lugud - love
Maliari - moon / to happen
Malagu - beautiful
Masanting - good looking
Matapang - brave

BIKOL BASAHAN - ancient Bikolano script
Magayon - beautiful
Makusog - strong
Oragon - multiple meanings only Bikolanos know

LINGLINGO - symbol of fertility, abundance

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